Unisex Baby Hangers and Wardrobe Dividers - the Ultimate Nursery Closet Organizer with 7X Baby Size Dividers (Infant Newborn Clothing to 24 Months) and 20X Velvet Hangers for Baby Clothes

Colour Name: Boho


Unisex Baby Hangers and Wardrobe Dividers - the Ultimate Nursery Closet Organizer with 7X Baby Size Dividers (Infant Newborn Clothing to 24 Months) and 20X Velvet Hangers for Baby Clothes

  • : Are you looking for baby dividers AND hangers? It’s a pain having to buy them separately, right? Well, not only does this pack of 7x closet size dividers and 20x baby clothes hangers save you frustration in the nursery, but smart moms who order here, avoid the frustration of buying each item separately!
  • : Is this a baby shower gift? Because this set is a great idea if you’re unsure if it’s a boy or girl! The 7 nursery closet dividers are Grey Unisex Boho, and double-sided with extra large numbers for easy viewing. We’ve matched them with 20 gray felt infant hangers for this beautiful unisex nursery decor set.
  • : It’s annoying when baby clothes dividers spin upside down. But ours always remain upright! Made from Dura-Flex plastic, they fit all standard 1.25” closet rails without cracking like rigid plastics or creasing like thin ones. And with over 10,000 sets sold, it’s easy to see why new mom’s still trust Baby Nest Originals the most.
  • ORGANIZATION MADE EASY FOR MOMS: Our baby wardrobe dividers start with Newborn (not found in other sets) and include: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months and finishing with 18-24 months. And of course, comes with 20 baby velvet hangers all packaged up in a cute giftable box!
  • THE BABY NEST PROMISE: Take this set of unisex baby closet dividers and kids velvet hangers home and one of two things will happen: You’ll adore the gorgeous patterns and love the time it saves by keeping you organized – or we’ll replace or refund every cent. Make baby’s closet a work of art, with Baby Nest Designs.

Beautiful Hand Drawn UNISEX Baby Dividers AND Hangers!

... All-In-One Closet Organization for Busy Moms

Until now, busy moms have had to search around for childrens hangers and clothes dividers separately, and caring friends have had to cobble together a poorly matched set of both baby essentials for a baby shower gift.

But at Baby Nest Designs, we’ve organized over 500,000 newborn hangers for 10,000 moms just like you with our original fun (and cute) clothing dividers for babies. And now, you can have those same dividers WITH co-ordinated hangers in one giftable pack! It saves time, something all new moms can agree is priceless.

And here’s what else is great about this ‘ultimate nursery organizer’ set...

  • Set includes 7 Size Separators and 20 Infant Clothes Hangers Non Slip Velvet
  • Duri-Flex dividers don’t crack like rigid plastics, or crease like thin ones
  • They have a 1.38” diameter to fit 1.25” closet rod or smaller
  • Easy to read large letters, matte finish and double-sided sticker
  • Separator Ages: Newborn, 0-3 / 3-6 / 6-9 / 9-12 / 12-18 and 18-24 month
  • Our round rack separator always stays upright!
  • SIZING: Each Divider is 3.5” round and 1/8” thick and each hanger 11” long
  • Available in two designs - Unisex Boho (this one) or Floral Bouquet

A Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift

Anything that helps a new mom stay on top of storage is welcome, so a set of dividers and hangers makes perfect sense (... and maybe even a few tubs of wipes!) This gender neutral set makes gifting easy, and everything is packed in a gorgeous gift box! You, or any expectant mom will also love knowing they have a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Make baby’s closet a work of art with Baby Nest Designs

Product Dimensions 2.51 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm; 1.01 Kilograms
Colour Name Boho
Colour Boho
Material Plastic
Model Number BHCD-4
Item Weight 1.01 kg
Product dimensions 28.2W x 17H centimetres
Special Features Anti Slip
Special feature Anti Slip
Brand Baby Nest Designs

9.5 cm x 2.51 cm x 9.5 cm. Weight: 1.01 kg

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