Huggies Little Swimmers, Swim Nappies - Size 3-4, 36 Baby Swim Pants - Leak Guards and Stretchy Waistband Protect without Swelling - Tear Sides for Easy Removal



Huggies Little Swimmers, Swim Nappies - Size 3-4, 36 Baby Swim Pants - Leak Guards and Stretchy Waistband Protect without Swelling - Tear Sides for Easy Removal

  • Maximum protection – Huggies Little Swimmer Swim Nappies use special absorbent material to protect your baby swimmers without swelling, falling apart, or weighing down so everyone can enjoy water play safely and comfortably.
  • Tabbed sides – For the youngest babies, Huggies Little Swimmers sizes 2-3 have side tabs, keeping everything secure and protected while allowing a practical open and close system for convenient adjustment. Remove easily with tear sides for no fuss changing.
  • Freedom of movement – Our larger sized swim nappies (3-4 and 5-6) feature an all-round stretch waistband carefully elasticated for a perfect fit – ready for your little ones to splash in the water and have fun.
  • Leak guards – Huggies swim nappies have special leak guards to ensure confident play time and eliminate accidents while swimming with a baby.
  • Buy disposable swim nappies size 3-4 (36 pack) – Your little ones will love playing in the water in our size 3-4 Baby Swim nappies. Specially made to absorb water without swelling and available in a fun Disney design, our Little Swimmers 36 pants look just like real swimwear.

Product Description

Huggies Little Swimmers are the No.1 Swim Nappy in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. We want to encourage happy baby swimming experiences with our comfortable and reliable swim nappies. We know the best development happens when everyone can relax and have fun.

No one likes a soggy, uncomfortable swim nappy. That’s why Huggies swim nappies offer protection to keep unexpected accidents at bay. Using unique absorbent materials that won't swell up like a nappy and are soft on skin and secure around the bottom, little ones can splash happily, and everyone can enjoy safe and stress-free water play.

Because they don’t swell, fall apart or weigh your little ones down on contact with water, you can all enjoy exploring uninterrupted fun while swimming.

Accidents are natural. Feel prepared knowing you can trust Huggies Little Swimmers to save the day. Leak guards make sure everything is nicely secure, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected surprises while you play.

When water play is finished, tear sides for a speedy, fuss-free removal – making change time a breeze.

Explore a range of fun and exciting Disney designs for boys and girls. Huggies Little Swimmers look just like swimwear, so your little ones can feel like a big kid too.

Splashing around (7kg to 15kg)

As your little ones get more confident in the water, they’ll need extra protection from leaks and spills. Our size 3-4 swim nappies feature a 360° waistband and leak guards to offer the best protection from accidents. Once the fun is over, just tear the sides for easy removal.



Box Contains

3packs x 12 pants per pack

Item model number 2920951
Age Range Description Baby.
Incontinence protector type Infant Diaper
Number of items 3
Weight 700 Grams
Unit count 36 count
Pattern Cartoon
Colour Size 3-4 (36 Pants)
Material Plastic
Country of origin Czech Republic
Material composition 34% Polypropylene, 33% Superabsorbent, 33% Polyethylene
Units 36 count
Product Name Swim nappies
Reusability Disposable
Manufacturer Kimberly Clark
Age range (description) Baby.
Product Dimensions 34.7 x 22.1 x 15.2 cm; 0.05 Grams
Size Size 3-4 (36 Pants)

22.1 cm x 34.7 cm x 15.2 cm. Weight: 700.0 grams

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