Activity Cube Climbing Frame



Activity Cube Climbing Frame

Introducing our multipurpose Activity Cube Climbing Frame. Climbing frames help children to play imaginatively and creatively and they promote an active lifestyle – great for your toddlers’ health and well-being. Little ones will develop fine motor skills as they grip and grasp and the larger muscle groups will benefit as they enhance their ability to climb. Watch their confidence grow as they discover different routes to climb – promoting critical thinking skills as they think about where to place their hands and feet.

Children will learn about independence and risk taking – they will need to make decisions on their own and take calculated risks without the help of an adult – important life skills that every child will need as they start to grow up. Playing with friends will encourage communication and co-operation skills and after all that physical and social activity they will not have far to go if they simply want to sit down and have a rest.


With our multipurpose Activity Cube Climbing Frame children will experience hours of enjoyment. This dual climbing frame and seating area is great for active play and provides a host of benefits for your toddlers. What appears to be a climbing frame will become an adventure playground for children as they imagine it is a knight’s castle, soldiers fort or a fantasy den.

We advise that the Activity Cube Climbing Frame is used on a natural or synthetic impact absorbing surface (example include bark chipping, wood chip, sand, pea gravel, well maintained grass surface or a purpose made synthetic surface).

  • Ages 3+
  • Suitable for up to 200kg of sand
  • Supplied flat packed for simple self-assembly
  • Overall dimensions: H1180 x W1100 x D1100mm
  • Tested to relevant structural and safety standards

The Activity Cube Climbing Frame is manufactured from a combination of galvanized steel with a resilient powder coating and a compact waterproof grade laminate. Seats are made from high-grade all-weather material, which does not require ongoing maintenance unlike timber products. This unit is tested to relevant safety standards for safe use.

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